Lali + Mike

a beautiful Coral Gables wedding at the home of the Bride’s mother.


Marlene + Steve: Love, Tweet Love

This lovely couple via Twitter! Once again proving that you never know when and where you will meet your other half.  They celebrated their nuptials with a lovely Friday morning brunch, surrounded by friends and family in Coconut Grove, at the Peacock Garden Cafe.



Ana + Chris

This lovely couple celebrated their wedding on Valentines Day with an intimate, Beatles themed wedding at a Soyka restaurant in Miami, surrounded by their nearest and dearest.




Emily + Joe: Miami Wedding

Here is sneak peak of Emily + Joe’s wedding!!

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Susan + Eddy: Destination Wedding in Miami



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A new chapter begins


Welcome to Mireya’s Camera, formerly, Axiom Photo Studio.

Why the change??  It was time to assess where I was as a photographer and what my goals are.  I realized that I was more interested in keeping it simple and telling stories.  It was also getting very tedious to juggle a website for my personal projects and the freelance work I take on.  So I decided to merge both and create a new online space to showcase all my current projects.


WEDDING: Silvia + Joe, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Silvia and Joe  had a quaint sunset ceremony on the golf course near their home.   They had all their family and friends present as they exchanged vows at dusk.  So adorable.


>Destination Wedding – Claudia + Guille, Miami Beach, FL

>I love small, intimate weddings!  I was especially excited about Claudia and Guille’s wedding because it was on a Wednesday afternoon at the beautiful The Palms Hotel & Spa on Miami Beach.  The hotel took care of most of the arrangements which was fantastic as it allowed the bride and groom to really enjoy a sit down dinner with 25 of their nearest and dearest.  The setting could not have been more romantic! A huge porch overlooking a tropical private garden with a quaint gazebo.   Such simple elegance on wednesday afternoon!


>Postcards and Pretties!!

>Postcards and Pretties is such a lovely wedding inspiration website! How awesome to be featured on that site!!

Here it is, another lovely session featured on the web!

>Engagement Session - Amanda + Marcel

featured on RocknRoll Bride.com!!!!!

>I was so happy to find out that the engagement session I did for Amanda and Marcel was going to be featured on Rock’n’Roll Bride.com.   Especially since it’s Axiom’s first feature anywhere!  such a nice milestone as we celebrate the upcoming Axiom Birthday!  At 2, we’re not too terrible!

Thanks to Amanda for submitting the photos and a big thanks to Rock’n’Roll Bride for featuring them!!

Check out the feature here

>J + E: Wedding Portraits

J + E: Wedding Portraits

You might remember this couple from a few months ago when they had that really dreamy engagement session at Greynolds Park.  They decided to head back after their wedding to grab a few wedding day portraits.  They did not let the rain deter them that day and we were able to get a few shots.

>Gold Coast Derby Grrls

>Gold Coast Derby Grrls

>Some more shot from their last home bout against Jacksonville!  These women are incredible athletes!

For more information, visit their website: www.goldcoastderbygrrls.com

>Little Brothers

Little Brothers

>These darling brothers were so much fun to photograph! It’s not the first time I have had the pleasure of capturing them having a good time.

>E+J Engagement Session

E+J Engagement Session

A picnic in the park was the idea for this engagement session.  Two like-minded loves enjoying an enchanted afternoon at a Greynolds Park.

>Gold Coast Derby Grrls

Roller Derby Grrls

It has been insane these last few months – juggling work, school fulltime, and im still lucky enough to be a stay at home mama 80% of the time!!!!!!  I am so lucky, but sleepy! haha

As I returned to school this semester, I was not sure what I would choose as my “project” for photography.  In the end, after the semester ended, i decided that perhaps I should follow my interest and admiration of roller derby.

I contact our local league, The Gold Coast Derby Grrls and they have been gracious enough to allow me to photograph their bouts!  Let’s see how this little project develops.

>Community Arts and Culture - Women and Culture Festival

Community Arts and Culture – Women and Culture Festival

This festival has been going strong for 7 years!  I am lucky to help out in some way over the years.  This one was no different!  Documenting the event was great fun.  and the space, 7th Circuit Studios, is amazing!  If you missed it this year, don’t make the same mistake next year.

To keep up to date with Community Arts and Culture, visit their website, www.communityartsandculture.org

Here are some of the evening’s highlights. Enjoy! xoxo

>Mother-Daughter Portraits

Mother-Daughter Portraits

I was asked by the lovely Holly pretty please take some photographs with her mother and sister who live up North.    I loved the idea so much!  You’re never to young or to old to portraits taken with your best ladies.  She wanted to have the photographs taken on the beach they would vacation at growing up.   Here are some sneak peaks! enjoy! xoxo


>Community Arts and Culture – Show the Love

>I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer my services for this Haitian Earthquake Victims Benefit Concert at the Gibson Guitar Center in the Design District.

Community Arts and Culture is a great local resource that fosters appreciation and understanding of arts and culture.  It presents and provides performance opportunities to an array of local artists who exemplify the diversity of our community.

Here are some of the evening’s highlights. Enjoy!


D + J Wedding

I received a wonderful call a couple weeks to photograph a New Year’s Wedding.  What a fantastic way to start off the year! This couple was ultra-fab.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Barnacle House, Coconut Grove, Florida


Familia Angulo!

Here is a sweet moment from a recent family portrait session.  It’s the little moments that I love best.  xoxo